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Setting up in the UK

The UK is often seen as the leading destination for companies expanding their overseas business – fewer restrictions, favourable tax systems, generous R&D tax credit schemes being some of the many perks!

Despite that, the sheer amount of legislation and compliance makes the act of expanding a daunting one, which leads many businesses to us.

If you’re looking to expand and establish a UK base, or duplicate a successful overseas business in the UK, you’ll need support in setting up everything you need to start your UK venture.

That’s where we come in. We’ll help you identify the best business structure that meets your plans and goals, and provide ongoing support to give you the numbers, information and advice to get your business going.

How Lloyd Piggott can help you

The support we can provide means you have access to the following:

Central hub

We’ll be your point of contact for all things accounting.

Our clients tend to come to us for the full outsourced accounting function, giving you a central hub of information, data and support when you need it.

Recommended connections

We’ll point you in the right direction when you need additional help.

Need legal representation? We’ll pass you to our recommend lawyers. Need a bank account? We’ll send you to our bank of choice. We’ll refer you to our recommended partners when needed.

Specialist advice

We’ve got the expertise to make your UK business a success.

Our team has extensive knowledge of working with established overseas businesses and giving them the tools to make their UK offshoot a reality.

UK businesses setting up overseas

Established businesses in the UK often want to expand further, which leads to looking for opportunities overseas.

If this is you, then there a lot of factors to consider: Do you need an offshore trust? Do you need companies formed in other countries?

Whether you’re already a client or a business with support elsewhere, our team can give you the next level of guidance needed to deal with international tax structures, company formation and more.

You’ll also get ongoing support to support your business as it grows exponentially, both home and abroad!

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