Workplace Pensions


Each employer has duties they must undertake to make sure they are complying with the Pensions Regulator. These duties are as follows:

  • Assess the workforce
  • Identify who to enrol automatically
  • Choose a pension scheme and register it with the Pensions Regulator
  • Make contributions
  • Employers should be fair, legal and accurate, keeping detailed records, and provide employees with information about the scheme

You should have already been contacted by The Pensions Regulator requesting that you ‘appoint a contact’. This needs to be either a Director or Manager in the Company.

Please use this link to access the Pension Regulator’s website for more information:


If once you have assessed the workforce you have no workers who fit the criteria to be automatically enrolled, you will still have employer duties to comply with, these are as follows:

  • Communicate with workers
  • Complete Declaration of Compliance


When assessing your workforce you need to see who could be deemed as a worker as part of Automatic Enrolment.

The workplace pension is not only for people you employ but could also be for regular workers such as individuals who are currently working for you via the Construction Industry Scheme. If you do not know if someone qualifies as a worker please contact us. If after assessing your workforce you find that no one fits the criteria to be automatically enrolled you are still required to write to them to advise them that the Company has Automatic Enrolment duties. When you reach your staging date, if the worker wishes to join a pension scheme you will be required to set one up for them within 6 weeks. You are also required to assess workers each pay period.

If you fail to follow out your Employer Duties you will face an automatic fine of £400 plus fines of more than £50 per day. The Pension Regulator’s are now sending inspection teams to businesses to make sure they comply.

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