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Payroll frequently asked questions

We asked our payroll department here at Lloyd Piggott what questions that they are asked during a typical day when helping our clients prepare their payroll or explain payments to their employees.

1.How can I opt out of the workplace pension?

Employees must freely opt out of the pension scheme, and can either inform their employer or contact the pension company depending on the scheme

2.How can my employees get their auto enrolled pension deductions refunded?

Assuming the employee has opted out correctly, and in time, pensions can be refunded the following month

You have 1 month to opt out of an Auto Enrolment scheme from the date of enrolment or 1 month from when the Automatic enrolment letter is received (whichever is a later date)

3.What are the current rates of Auto Enrolment Pension contributions payable?

Employers minimum is 3%

Employee 5%

Total of 8%

An employer can cover an employee’s contribution (if agreed) but the minimum to be paid is 8%

4.Why have I not been auto enrolled into the workplace pension?

You must earn over £10,000 per year/£833 per month/ £192 per week and be aged between 22 and state pension age.

(However, if you are under 22 and want to be in the pension scheme you can ask your employer to enrol you.)

5.How much is Statutory Sick Pay

£94.25 per week if you qualify, you can find out more information on SSP here:

6. How Much is Statutory Parental Leave

£148.68 weekly up to two weeks or 90% of your average weekly earnings whichever is lower. You can also read more on this by clicking the link:

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All rates are correct at November 2019.